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Our website is one among the foremost visited web site in Asian country due to reliable, authoritative and vital news that is certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). skilled and famous journalists of Pakistan are giving their services on our website. because of its distinctive type of expression, our website is very widespread among all segments of society i.e youth, businessmen, literary intellectuals, utilized professionals, teachers, athletes and creator community.

We value news from all walks of life, that is why this web site has special editions, your voice, news, inquiring reports, purposeful editorials, attention-grabbing columns, sports news and news on public problems for the readers.  Provides valuable data. Our web site incorporates a special place among the foremost standard websites in West Pakistan because of its impartial journalism policy.

Jamshed Ali:

Renowned Pakistani journalist Jamshed Ali is that the founding father of dklnews.com. Jamshed Ali started his print media career in 2007 as a employees newsman for a television channel. because of his skilled skills, he before long rose to prominence in journalism. In 2012, he joined the govt. newspaper Mashriq and vie a big role within the development and rise of the newspaper. He additionally control vital positions like Senior employees newsman, Chief newsman, Deputy Resident Editor, Resident Editor and Deputy Chief Editor.

Following the privatization of the daily Mashreq, Jamshed Ali founded dklnews.com in 2017, that has thus far been with success developing because of authentic and accountable journalism.

Our team:

Renowned columnists Haji Idress (Attock), Haneef Qureshi (Reporter), writer and reporter Sajid Tanooli (Lahore), Prof. Saqib Hassan (Columnist), Prof. Dr. Sohail Kaif , Hammad Zafar, Prof. Javed and Prof. Kainat Ali are in the team of dklnews.com.  In addition, senior journalists and experienced managers are overseeing various departments of the organization.

Our performance:

By the grace of Allah, in 2021, dklnews.com moved to its new workplace, that is supplied with all trendy scientific facilities as per the wants of the days, within which its machine is additionally with success operational.  There area unit separate sections for every department together with Newsroom, coverage space, Composing space, Web, Social Media Section and CTP. ERP package for quick and economical communication altogether these sections.  Is being employed that is yielding glorious results.