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Why does a camel cry after eating a snake? Which dangerous disease do camels have? Incredible information about camels

Camel is an animal that all the people in the world are familiar with. Today we will tell you the fact that why camel eats snake.

So the main reason for this is that all camels have a disease called Hiam, a disease that can only be cured by being fed live snakes. But the venom of the snake is so strong that tears flow from his eyes. These tears are released not less but more. To eliminate this poison, the owners of the snakes give them a lot of water, but this does not end their pain, so the tears continue to flow for a long time.

Apart from this, you are also told that these tears are very valuable because these tears are first collected in a leather bag and then it is used in making medicine for people bitten by snakes and in various diseases.

It should be noted that the camel has been serving man immensely for many years, as for carrying goods, riding and people around the world often eat camel meat.

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