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What does a flying motorcycle look like, know when and where it will be available?

A motorcycle is called a ride of the poor, on which young people ride as if they have taken off in an airplane.

Older people keep saying that these young riders are driving an airplane, not a motorcycle. This will be the case now as the world of technology advancement has also introduced the flying motorcycle.

No more worries about getting stuck in traffic jams as this flying motorcycle will help you travel at a speed of 100 kmph for 40 minutes with a weight of 100 kg.

How much is the price?

Let us tell you that to buy this flying motorcycle you need 11 crores, 66 lakhs, 58 thousand 352 Pakistani rupees.

What is the company?

The flying motorcycle has been developed by Japanese company ALI Technology called “X-Torismo” hoverbike which was launched on October 27, but has not yet been offered for sale in the market.

How much are the batteries?

The X-Torismo Hover Hybrid Bike is equipped with 4 batteries that will help it fly. How many propellers? This flying bike has 6 propellers, 2 at the front wheels and 4 at the back which will help it balance while flying.

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