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The elder son has said that Baba should leave politics, Imran Khan is avoiding Pakistani politics? Biggest news moment

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan revealed during an interview that his elder son always disagreed with my political career.

He gave an interview to British journalist Piers Morgan and added that during the long march, murder It took two hours to reach the hospital after the attack. On reaching the hospital, I first spoke to my wife and sons. “My wife is remarkable here because she calmed down when she was reassured that I was safe, but my sons are very worried about me,” he said. Imran Khan said that my elder son Sulaiman is very sensitive, so when I entered politics, he was very upset.

The biggest problem in other countries, including Pakistan, is that there are some mafias who have an upper hand over the law, so when you face such mafias, your life is also in danger. This is the reason for my son’s problem.

Imran Khan said that this is why my elder son always wants me to leave politics. He said that I firmly believe that life and death are in the hands of Allah alone and man has no authority in this matter. . Speaking to Piers Morgan, Imran Khan added, “When I was Prime Minister, our cricket was going through a bad time.

I saw Babar Azam play only twice and immediately told the head of the Cricket Board, ‘You Make him captain because he is truly world-class in terms of stroke play and temperament, he can go anywhere from here,” added the former all-rounder. “He makes a lot of sense as a captain because you want Your captain should be world class so that he can command respect from other players.