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The doctor said that one of your twins is dead, but a request from the mother worked a miracle

The greatest moment in a woman’s life is to become a mother and when this good news comes long after marriage, the joy is doubled. From the anticipation of pregnancy to the smell of the baby in your arms is an experience that no one can feel more than a mother – double the joy after a long time.

This story is from Queensland, Australia. One of them is that of Kate and David Ogg, who despite their strong desire after marriage, were deprived of the blessing of children. However, March 2010 turned out to be very lucky for them as their doctor gave them the good news that Kate was going to be a mother after a long wait – the couple’s joy was doubled when they found out It turned out that Kate had two babies instead of one, meaning she was going to be the mother of twins, prompting David to take more care of Kate – premature hopes were dashed now that Kate was three months into delivery. But only after six months suddenly the doctors not only admitted Kate to the hospital due to some complications but decided to deliver immediately.

Premature births and twins were life-threatening.When the doctors shifted Kate to the labor room, Jamie was the first to be born, followed two minutes later by her sister Emily. The sound of her voice announcing the birth of the baby to Kate – a silent birth Jamie took only a few breaths after the birth, after which he stopped breathing and despite the best efforts of the doctors, the baby was hopelessly dead.

The news was nothing short of a tragedy for Kate as she begged her husband to undress Jamie and put him in her mother’s arms for one more time. Give it to her so that she can feel the touch of her baby – David did this on the advice of the doctors.

He immediately told the doctors about this and the doctors gave Jamie medical attention, after which he returned to life – the importance of a mother’s touch immediately after birth. Today Jamie and Emily are twelve years old. David and Kate say they are lucky that Jamie is a normal baby and has not been affected by the timing of his birth – however, modern scientific research suggests that the timing of his birth may have affected him.

It is difficult for the mother as well as it is very difficult for the babies and the first babies have to experience the temperature change immediately after birth and in the mother’s womb when it is at 37 degrees Celsius. and the cold environment of the room immediately after birth is very likely to affect the heart rate – at this time, hiding the baby on the mother’s chest not only gives him a sense of security, but also familiarity.

By feeling the touch and smell, he also becomes calm, that’s why in recent times, the people associated with the medical field believe that the baby should be given to the mother’s arms immediately after birth so that he can relax.

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