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Tehreek-e-Insaf’s big decision After Faisal Vawda, the party class of another important leader has been suspended

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Party membership of PTI leader Major (retd) Khurram Hameed Rokhri has been terminated, Khurram Hameed Rokhri had spoken against the PTI decision on the media without the permission of the party.

According to Geo News, Tehreek-e-Insaf has terminated the party membership of party leader Major (retd) Khurram Hameed Rokhri. Basic membership of Major R. Khurram Hameed Rokhri was terminated for violation of party policy.

It has been reported that Khurram Hameed Rokhri spoke against the PTI decision on the media without the permission of the party. District President PTI Mianwali Saleem Gul Khan issued the notification to terminate the basic membership.

It should be remembered that Major Rukhram Hameed Rokhri participated in Geo News program Capital Talk, according to which Major Rukhram Hameed Rokhri held two meetings with Major General Faisal Naseer at the request of Imran Khan.

In the third meeting, Salman Ahmed was also present. There was an understanding with him, there would be a meeting here and there, some controversial statement would be made, after the Wazirabad attack, I was asked for a meeting again, but I refused.

PTI leader Shehbazgul responded to senior journalist Hamid Mir’s tweet and said, “Who are these Sahibs?” Never seen or heard of them before. God knows who will emerge as the leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf.