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Pomegranate is called the fruit of heaven, instead of discarding its peels, make tea from it and get relief from 6 major diseases.

Pomegranate is one of those fruits whose taste is liked by people of all ages and whose benefits are immense due to its nutrition.

But due to ignorance during the use of pomegranate, people eat its seeds. But its peels are thrown away as garbage, while in fact pomegranate peels are extremely nutritious. Pomegranate peel tea To use pomegranate peels, soak these peels well in the sun. After that, grind them in a grinder in such a way that they take the form of powder.

Put the powder in any coffee bottle and save it. Cook it on the stove like , then add lemon juice and honey as per taste and it can be drunk either cold or hot – benefits of pomegranate peel tea for frequent urination For those who complain of frequent urge to urinate, use pomegranate peels once a day at any time of the day and See the benefits in a few days – For Stomach Pain If for some reason you are suffering from stomach pain and indigestion, then Pomegranate tea is an elixir and you can drink this tea cold.

Take a couple of sips and the stomach ache will go away in no time – for bad breath, most people complain of bad breath due to gastrointestinal problems or gum disease, which is very embarrassing. Pomegranate rind tea is excellent for removing this tea, sipping this tea heals the gums, relieves toothache, while a few sips of it relieves stomach upsets. Improves Digestion and Hemorrhoids – Pomegranate peels have an elixir effect to treat both hemorrhoids, whether bloody or bloody.

For tonsils and sore throats, frequent sore throats in children are often attributed to tonsils, the only treatment for which is their operation, but twice a day. Gargling warm tea of ​​pomegranate peels can avoid the risk of tonsils operation and even get rid of it permanently – for weight loss if one has high cholesterol and If you want to lose weight, then you should make pomegranate tea and add a piece of ginger to it and consume it twice a day to lose weight naturally in a few days. It will start boiling and the fat will start melting-

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