Our Editorial Team

DKL News Team

Founder and Managing Director:
Jamshed Ali, Hazro, 43440

Cell No +92314 576 5789

Editor and Publisher:
Hanif Qureshi
Contact +60 10-289 5890

Co-Founder and Marketing Manager:
Sajid Tanooli
Lahore, Pakistan
Email: tanooli@dklnews.com

Our team:

Renowned columnists Haji Idress (Attock), Haneef Qureshi (Reporter), writer and reporter Sajid Tanooli (Lahore), Prof. Saqib Hassan (Columnist), Prof. Dr. Sohail Kaif , Hammad Zafar, Prof. Javed and Prof. Kainat Ali are in the team of dklnews.com.  In addition, senior journalists and experienced managers are overseeing various departments of the organization.