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large seating; Presidents of China and the United States are ready for the first bilateral meeting

Beijing / Washington (International Desk) Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet his American counterpart at the G-20 summit, which will be the first bilateral meeting between the two.

According to the World News Agency, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the American White House have confirmed the important meeting between the presidents of the two countries, which will be held in Indonesia at the G-20 meeting starting from November 15.

The presidents of the bitterly rival countries will also discuss opportunities to work together at the global level, apart from discussing possible options and measures to improve ties during the current tense and tense situation.

In this regard, the statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has said that President Xi Jinping will attend the G-20 meeting and during this time he will also meet with the presidents of France, Senegal and Argentina in addition to the US president.

On the other hand, the White House also confirmed yesterday that the Chinese and American presidents will meet in Indonesia on November 14, but no joint statement will be issued on the meeting.

In a conversation with Reuters, a senior American official said that the American president is hopeful for the beginning of good relations with China in the meeting, but it will be based on American concerns on Taiwan and human rights.

It should be noted that former US President Donald Trump started an economic war with China during his tenure, as a result of which both countries increased taxes on each other’s exports.

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