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IMF’s strict conditions unimaginable, Shahbaz Sharif sounded the alarm

Peshawar (Newsdesk) Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that the IMF is giving Pakistan a very tough time, its conditions are unimaginable, but we will have to fulfill them.

Hoya said that the economic challenge faced by the country is very difficult, but what to do, these conditions must be fulfilled in any case. The International Monetary Fund is giving a very tough time and its conditions are unimaginable. The Prime Minister criticized the PTI Chairman without naming him and said that the leaders

of a party are moving forward to accommodate terrorists but not to join hands with their own. not ready for This double standard will not work. He said that the terrorists do not occupy even an inch in KP, they just roam around. Who brought them here?, How did they come?, This part was made in haste, the nation wants the answer. It should be clear that the federal government has accepted the condition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Pakistan to provide more electricity. It has been decided to

make it expensive. Apart from this, the IMF has also demanded to end the proposal of subsidy up to 300 units and said that only 100 units should be provided to the poor consumers. In addition, the federal government has approved a proposal from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And fulfilled the condition after which the

rules for giving conditional access to the details of assets to be submitted by government officials of grades 17 to 22 to the banks to trace the corruption and money laundering of government officials allegedly involved in corruption and money laundering. have been released.

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