Conflict with coach, 15 players resigned together, bad news for fans

Spain (News Desk) 15 players of Spain’s women’s football team resigned together to remove the coach.

According to foreign media, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has said in its statement that 15 players have resigned due to some disputes with the coach of the national team.

According to the federation, such an incident has happened for the first time in the history of football, with the players giving the reason for their resignation, saying that the current situation has significantly affected their emotional state and health.

According to sources in the news agency, the players are unhappy with the treatment of injuries, the atmosphere in the locker room, Valda’s team selection and his training sessions.

In this regard, giving a statement on behalf of the federation, it was said that both the federation and the association stand by the coach and will not allow any player to raise questions regarding the national coach or his coaching.

The Spanish Football Association says no player will be recalled to the national team until they apologize and admit their mistake.

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